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Apple Song (Apple of rounded eyes


Apple Song (Apple of rounded eyes
And so we are like restless souls
'n so we are,
Apple of rounded eyes

Orchestra and penguins,
real life comes in handy,
down through the tube

-and we will still have fun!

September is just ending,
happy Birthday my Apple,
don't you think around too, not now!
You haven’t to think it around,
like the God in my hand

Just Like butterflies, look the lights instead
waving trough those photographs,
only holes in the left

-and in the right of my chest

The bridleless man just spreads the news,
almost right next your ever growing house
Mushrooms' craws rolling from the hills,
yet lonely a monochromatic dwarf smiles like you always do!

-Good morning my Apple,
or it's not so true?

Orchestra and Penguins,
six years comes in handy,
right down the tube

-and we had just fun!
My Apple!

-and we had just fun!

In a far, far city I have a sadly bridge
and a dedicated nonsense.
Lately the cars are having dragon groovy eyes,
the fog is magical mist Turquoise
and my Apple love,
my Dreams' gamble,
are you having a good time?

Nero | Poesia pubblicata il 22/01/12 | 1783 letture |

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Opera pubblicata ai sensi della Legge 22 aprile 1941 n. 633, Capo IV, Sezione II, e sue modificazioni. Ne è vietata qualsiasi riproduzione, totale o parziale, nonché qualsiasi utilizzazione in qualunque forma, senza il consenso dell'Autore.

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