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A Metal Love Story

Alessia De Gennaro

Can't you hear the heavy sound
emanating from my heart?
It makes your ears scream out loud
when my metallic claws tear you apart.

I'm the warrior of the nether world
if you want to life - don't say a word.
The evil music you will not miss
tell me, how do you feel after a demons kiss?

Let's do the St. Vitus dance
and later on we'll break up the fence
isn't it the most romantic romance?
But you say: „We shouldn't even be friends.“

I wanted to give you guns and roses
but now I'll try the iron maiden
and it's not until you scream: „I'll accept, you'll see!“
that I will rock you in my bed while listening to ACDC

With a mano in your hand you start a war
then you tried to hurt me with a saxon but my feelings are too far
away – I laugh because you look like a lamb of god.
My motor cycles front wheel hit you on the head – I see blood
your brother calls me „Judas!“, I call the priest: „Ey,
I'd like to marry
on a Sabbath day, in black.
Then I open my hand that was behind my back
and after the beautiful ring was shown,
you run away faster than a rolling stone.

Alessia De Gennaro | Poesia pubblicata il 23/06/17 | 787 letture |

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Opera pubblicata ai sensi della Legge 22 aprile 1941 n. 633, Capo IV, Sezione II, e sue modificazioni. Ne è vietata qualsiasi riproduzione, totale o parziale, nonché qualsiasi utilizzazione in qualunque forma, senza il consenso dell'Autore.

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Alessia De Gennaro

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